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May Fayre 2017

On the day the forecast was changeable, but in the end we only had a short sharp shower at 09.30 whilst erecting a marquee. All systems on go, we set off and made a remarkable record of £1,634.67. We started the afternoon with the Rev. Barry Kent planting an apple tree on The Green. This tree is to acknowledge the hard work and determination of Mandy Hayes in getting the whole Tiptoe Green project off the ground, starting in 2008. Our entertainers, Geoff Christopher, Paul and Christine Jackson and Emma Hardy, played and sang for the audience for an hour. Lucy Fredericks brought her Tíia Chi people along and gave a wonderful display which was much appreciated. The children performed their Maypole dance and Mr. Punch and Judy man delighted the children with the latest escapades of Mr Punch. All this whilst the mini steam engine chugged around the Green giving rides to the children and Morris the donkey giving his customary kiddies rides. Many children came especially to see Morris again this year. Later in the afternoon Janine Redman set up the agility for the children and dogs to have fun. The stall holders did a fair trade with Rick and Sally with their Street Organ giving a feel of an Olde Worlde Fete with their music. NPA van and Forest School showed nature and how to play with it. Other stalls showed a cross section of crafts, plants and specialist dog treats. Foods/drinks by way of Ice Creams, BBQ, Teas, Cakes and Beer were much in demand. A variety of games aimed at children were being played, these included Skittles, Bowling for the Pig, Hoop La, Tuípenny board, Lucky dip, Wheel of Fortune, Ping pong balls in a jar, Treasure Map and number of sweets in a jar

If you would like to join us and help with this next year please contact Pat Rendell - Trustees. Remember 'Many hands make light work'.

Gardening Party - 29th October 2016

Set to tackle the pruning and grass cutting on the Green on 29th October 2016. Unfortunately the grass cutter hired for the purpose broke down so that part of the job has had to be left until a later date. We will be asking for volunteers shortly to complete the cutting of the summer and spring meadows as they will need cutting down to enable the bulbs to grow on again for next year and give us the beautiful show we have now become use to. The photo's also show the path which has now been newly laid and looking very good for it.

If you would like to join us in this worthwhile task please contact Steph Nash or Pat Rendell - Trustees. Remember 'Many hands make light work'.



May Fayre


Tiptoe Butterflies Pre-School met up with Class 1 from Tiptoe School on Tiptoe Green. A fun start to the new school for the Tiptoe Butterflies


Spring on the green'


Tiptoe Pre-School and Reception Class Play Meet - 19th June 2012


Diamond Jubilee Prom on the Green - 9th June 2012




Volunteers' Day - 21st April 2012



Signs of Spring at Tiptoe Green - March & April 2012



Easter Egg Hunt on Tiptoe Green - 8th April 2012



Working Party repairing the vehicular bridge - 17th March 2012



The Big Plant Weekend - 26th & 27th November 2011


The arrival of the mower - 6th October 2011


Grand Opening - 29th April 2011



Other events in 2011


Paths and Fences



Bridges, Benches and Gates







Children's Play Area


Border of meadow grass

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