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The Tiptoe Green is a green space in the heart of the village of Tiptoe, on the edge of the New Forest National Park. Tiptoe Green is a much-loved community asset, for this and future generations.

The Tiptoe Green was purchased by the community, for the community. Achieving this was a long and complicated process, which involved extensive fundraising, consultations, grant submissions, planning applications, and the creation of a new charitable trust. Transforming the field into a usable green space has also taken many hours of hard work by dedicated volunteers. To learn more about how the Tiptoe Green came into being, please visit our About page.

The pedestrian bridge at the entrance to Tiptoe Green

Entering the Tiptoe Green, you cross over a pedestrian bridge and walk through a self-closing gate. All-weather paths lead off to the left and right, encircling the large central area of mown grass. Rustic oak benches are placed at intervals around the green, so visitors can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Outside the paths are areas of wildflower planting, where you will find native species such as field scabious, ragged robin, ox-eye daisies, cats-ear and red campion. Over 8,000 spring- and summer-flowering bulbs have also been planted. Bees, butterflies and other insects can thrive on these nectar-rich plants. The areas outside the path are fenced and left unmown to provide a safe habitat for flora and fauna.

The Tiptoe Green sign

On the eastern side of the green there is a children's play area, which includes log circles and stepping stones, a hazel copse, and a "motte and bailey" earthwork. There are no swings or slides - the children are encouraged to use their imagination to make their own adventures from the natural surroundings.

The southern side of the green is partially fenced with stock fencing, to provide a grazing area for a flock of native sheep. A new hedgerow of native species has also been planted along this boundary.

Group of people sitting on a bench

The existing hedgerow on the western side of the green has been thinned out and traditionally laid to create a secure natural boundary. The ditches have been cleared, and spring bulbs have been planted along the verge.

The Tiptoe Green is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when members of a community work together for the good of the whole. The green is still evolving, with the addition of new plants and trees, and many new events being planned. We hope that you will enjoy looking around our website, and that you may also be able to visit the Tiptoe Green yourself to enjoy it as much as the residents of Tiptoe.

Border of meadow grass

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